Holy Week Services

Our theme throughout Lent has been
“Finding Life in the Wilderness”


The wilderness is not new, we’ve been here before – that place where illusions are shattered, where we feel lost, alone, afraid. Each time we find ourselves in the wilderness we are on the edge of a new beginning, though we may not feel like it.

Mystery and disruption, isolation and connection, bravery and resilience characterize the wilderness journey.

All of these come together for Jesus in the final week of his life – he is celebrated, despised, anointed, betrayed, abandoned, wept over, arrested, ridiculed, killed, raised to new life. For Jesus and for his followers it is a profound wilderness experience.

Join us this Holy Week as we remember and walk this wilderness journey with Jesus and his first disciples. Perhaps in these familiar stories we will find wisdom for the wilderness in which we now find ourselves.

Can it be that new life and new hope can be experienced even in this barren pandemic land?


All Images by Santified Art