St Martin's Book Club

The St. Martins Book Club is one of the long-time small groups in the church. The Book Club began meeting in the fall of 2002 and is open to anyone who enjoys reading. Together, we have read and discussed almost 200 books. Members are attracted to books that encourage us to explore our spiritual, social, and moral beliefs, both through the story and the group discussion.

However, Covid changed St. Martins Book Club! When we were unable to meet everyone just read books that sparked their interest and when we were able to get together, we shared the titles and a bit of information about the books with the other members of the club. While reading the same book at the same time, then meeting to discuss it was wonderful, this structure also appealed to us. So, we have decided to combine the two formats.

At one gathering, folks will share one or two the books they have recently enjoyed, then for the next gathering, we all will read the same chosen book and come together to discuss it. Really, it’s the best of both worlds!

We generally meet every six weeks to eight weeks, either to discuss the book that was assigned or to just share information on other books we have recently read. Current information about the Book Club is shared in both the Church Chat and the Messenger. Many of the books we have read together over the past years are available in our church library. Unfortunately, some of the books have been borrowed and not returned. If you borrow from our library, ensure you return those books when you have finished reading them. For addition information, he Book Club Binder lists all the books and questions used to guide the group's discussion. It also includes several lists of books recommended by members who believe other people might enjoy.

Come out, meet other folks who like to read, and learn more about the group. We are always pleased to include new members, all are welcome!

Books We've Read