Children's Ministry

At St. Martin's United Church we believe our children are a vital and precious part of our church community. Because of our strong commitment to children, we do our best to provide a safe, fun and engaging environment so that we might all grow together in faith.

Wild Goose Club

The name is related to the church and to St. Martin:

    • Celtic Christians called the Holy Spirit, “The Wild Goose” because the Holy Spirit cannot be tamed, only followed
    • St. Martin of Tours was called to ministry and when he tried to run away a group of geese found him and made such a ruckus that he was found and became the spiritual leader of his village
    • Geese share leadership in the “V” formation, taking turns at the front of the vee where flying is hardest

The Vision

My vision is that children can be more involved in the leadership of their classes, sharing tasks that need to be done, providing input into what they would like to do, and learn where they would like to put their skills into action. We use the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum to offer continuity to the lessons and provide leadership opportunities for the students.

The Details

St. Martin’s has two worship services: one at 9:30am and one at 11:00 am. There is Wild Goose Club offered at each service. Children are invited to attend worship with their families and/or friends until the Story Time when they are invited to the front of the church for a story just for them. The Story Time is usually about 15 minutes into the worship service. After the story the children are invited to go downstairs to a gathering time called "The Gaggle". After hearing the day's bible story, singing a song, having an opportunity to give money to a worthy cause and saying a prayer the children are invited to divide up into age groups with leaders and do crafts and activities relating to the day's bible story.

After the worship service ends, the children return upstairs to their family and/or friends to share what they have learned! Children 6 years old and under are escorted to their guardians by leaders.

The Schedule

    Story Time (upstairs in the worship space)
    Dismissal to Wild Goose Club (children make their way downstairs)
    Gaggle Time (in the main downstairs auditorium)

Bible Story
Offering (for a worthy cause to be decided in December)

    Crafts and Activities based on the Bible Story
    Dismissal to Wild Goose Club (children make their way downstairs)


Registration is not strictly necessary but it is helpful for us to keep in touch with you and your children and to send you the Wild Goose newsletter and information about upcoming church events.

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