Darren Wooff

Darren Woof

Darren was ordained in 1999 and has served three pastoral charges in Saskatchewan and Alberta.
He is pleased to have responsibility for Children’s Ministry and Outreach because it provides him an excuse to keep toys in his office.

Darren believes that outreach is primarily about building relationships. If we truly regarded our fellow human beings as children of God then injustice would be impossible. Outreach therefore is about making relationships with those people who we normally wouldn’t get to know. Children have a natural sense of joy and honesty which is deeply needed in a faith community. This is one of the reasons why Darren thinks it is important to welcome children into the church.

Darren also has a degree in Mechanical Engineering which hasn’t been used much but he thinks it sounds cool.

If you would like to talk to Darren, please drop by the church office, phone 343-7101 or email darren@stmartinsuc.com


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