Good Food Box

St. Martin's became involved with the Good Food Box program in 2001 as a part of our Outreach ministry.

The Good Food Box is a non-profit bulk fruit and vegetable purchase program operated by Good Food Inc. Twice a month, customers have an opportunity to order and pay for their boxes through a neighbourhood volunteer coordinator. About 10 days later, more than 60 volunteers come together to pack the boxes. That afternoon, drivers deliver the boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to distribution points such as St. Martin's for pick-up.

Customers are able to choose the size (large or small), the contents (fruit only or mixed fruit and vegetables) and the frequency (once or twice a month) of their orders.

The goals of the Good Food Box are:

        to provide good-quality fresh fruits and vegetables at a good value, thus improving everyones access to nutritious food
      • to support the local economy by purchasing from local growers
      • to encourage healthy eating habits
      • to provide nutrition education and awareness through the newsletter accompanying each box
      • to build community.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to support the Good Food Box, visit the website from the link at the side.

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Good Food Box