Keith Hall

Keith Hall

Keith Hall has been on staff at St. Martins United Church since October 2002. His major responsibilities are the development of programming for Youth (ages 11-18) and Young Adults (18- 30), Welcoming and Newcomer Relations, Adult Education, Affirming Action Group and Pastoral Care which includes Ministry by Phone, Lay Pastoral Visitors and one to visits to congregation members in a variety of settings.

He comments that St. Martins is an active and vibrant faith community where new initiatives and ideas blend with the beauty of the traditional, forming an affirming, welcoming and progressive environment.

Keith's celebrates his ministry in this church which seeks to live out its Mission Statement which publicly affirms that diversity is truly a gift of God and that all people belong here. A commitment to living in right relationship with our Creator, ourselves and the wider community enables Keith’s passion in the areas of radical welcoming, Christian education and social justice work for all ages.

Keith is currently a Candidate for Diaconal Ministry at the Centre for Christian Studies. When he is commissioned he plans to remain in this congregation that has actively and intentionally supported him through this long educational process.

Keith invites you to take advantage of any of the worship services, programs or social events and would be pleased to communicate through phone 343-7101 or by e-mail at or in person.