Ministry by Phone


This ministry began more than 10 years ago when the increased size of the congregation made it impossible for ministry staff to visit every congregation member individually.

The intent of Ministry by Phone is to contact each member of the church twice a year in order to extend the care and concern of the church community and to hear any celebrations or concerns that individual members might have. Trained volunteers telephone every member of the congregation in the fall and again in the spring.

Prayermates, paired with each phoner, hold in prayer the phoners and the congregation members being phoned during each phoning session. The phone calls are kept strictly confidential and pastoral care concerns are passed on to ministry staff with permission from the members given during the calls.

Ministry by Phone phoners and prayermates meet before each phoning session to receive new training and after each session to debrief.

This ministry is vital to the care of our community. If you wish further information or would like to volunteer for the Ministry by Phone team, please contact the church office.