Michael Webster

Michael Webster

Rev. Michael Webster came to us after six years in the Leader-Sceptre area. His responsibilities include worship, administration and pastoral care.

Michael's previous career as a journalist serves him well in ministry. "They sound like very different callings", he says, "but really, as a journalist, I spent my time writing, researching and talking to people about their lives. That pretty much describes what I do as a minister."

There's another carryover as well. Writers soon learn that they don't have a captive audience. They have to engage their readers and hold their attention. "As a preacher, I feel it is my responsibility to engage the congregation in the Biblical story." In each Sunday's sermon time, Michael attempts to address a Bible passage in a way that helps us understand God's will for our lives today.

Michael believes that a church ought to be place that nurtures questions because "Questions are the catalysts that help us grow in our faith and that make our faith relevant." If you have questions about faith and life, he would be delighted to hear from you.

Michael can be reached at 343-7101
or by e-mail at michael@stmartinsuc.com