St. Martin's Youth

Both St. Martin's Youth Groups are enthusiastic groups of young people. Junior Youth are typically ages 10-13 and Senior Youth are 13 and up. Both groups meet Sunday's mornings to learn more about the bible, to explore their faith and to learn through Jesus’s example about social justice and peace making.

The Senior Youth also meet during professional development days off school to visit social justice agencies in Saskatoon or for a fun social activity.

Senior Youth

The youth group are also provincially with YAYAC events and nationally with GO PROJECT and RENDEZVOUS. Recently the Senior Youth have travelled internationally as well to be part of the Quest Mexico Education and Service program in Cuernavaca Mexico. The next planned trip is February 2020. The group has fundraising events, such as the annual poinsettia sale to raise funds for international or local causes. Youth participate in all aspects of worship reading scripture, serving communion and leading worship occasionally.

Young Adults (typically post high school) are also involved in many area of our community including assisting with worship, Band Together, and serving on committees and ministries of the church. There is a home church program that meets midweek once an month to share a meal and have a time of worship together.

Some say that our exceptional youth and young adults are the future of the church and while that may be true, at St. Martin’s, we believe they are the very “now” of the church.

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